About her

Diva Denita. Have no much nicknames; just diva. Capricornus. Born January 17th 16 years ago. Currently studying at SMAN 8 Bandung. She is both a realistic and dreamer

She loves reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, singing, eating, breathing, and another ordinary people do.  Watchs football game on saturdays and sundays. Arsenal's or bayern's won will make her day for whole week. She thinks Bastian schweinsteiger is the coolest person that ever exsist. Really adores Nicky byrne, Michael buble, Matt Dallas and Tom Welling. Listening mostly to pop, american country, and sometimes jazz.

" Don’t get me wrong, I am still a dreamer.. But now I am a realistic dreamer. I see something I want and now I set goals and make plans on how to achieve them. I set myself up for success. In this way I not only am true to myself but I can push the boundaries of my own dreams and desires. Now I not only make a better living for myself but I am able to help people with their dreams along the way."