Come what may

Dreams. Once I heard we have to chase our dreams, we fight to get our dreams. But sometimes in life, we have to let it go; we just have to give up. And the saddest part is... when you realize what you have learned when you were younger... all are just lies. I keep saying that what I do its not a giving up. Its called being realistic and cope with the condition. Because so far, i know enough that the world we live is not about all the saying in the old motivation book. It is that we cant be what we wanted, instead we have to follow what the society want us to be. Its not that bad, its a natural instinc for a human to be accepted by the others, isnt it?
And as we grow up we will learn to live other's life. To pretend you are ok with everything they want you to do. (I think I will never be good at this)

Okay so I'm saying again that I'm not giving up, its just a part of being a grown up, its just letting everything be the way it must be, Its just a 'come what may', Its just a 'Que serra serra - whatever will be, will be'