Maybe You Just Need to Find This Thing

Everyone knows, that life is hard and I find it very dizzying to try and navigate. Every once in a while it's just a bit much. Then I just wonder who's out there that feels just like me. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would need to know me, want to be like me or even care. Cause I'm the one that knows how confused I really am. Then there's the You vs. Me thing where I truly believe it's me and just a couple of others that "really know what it's like" and we're just on guard constantly. 

Have you ever feel like you're the only one in the world who feels these shit things ? I do.My parents don't understand, neither do my friends. Everyone tells me I need to face my problems, but how can I face my problems when I don't even know what they are?

My thoughts are jumbled and scattered, how can I possibly make sense of them?It sounds pathetic, but sometimes I just lay in bed and cry for no reason. I get overwhelmed by this sort of hopeless feeling. Things I used to love, I can't face doing anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me.
       By the time, I realized that things are too hectic in my life, and it seems impossible to try to cram something from the past to my life at this point in time. So I try to just focus on the present, and see what happens in the future. Now, I do things that I like doing. When I'm pissed off or confused, I prefer to be solitary and don't like to 'talk about it.' I think that I can cope with my issues good enough, and i'll usually just go listen to some music, write, read, or anything else that will calm me down.

Well, i just need someone to tell me : "Theres nothing wrong with you, everyone is their own person. We're all individuals. And we change, so things we used to love might fade into the background, and we'll find something else to occupy our time and that we can love. Maybe you just need to find this thing."