My Christmas Wishlist

Okay, I just had my breakfast this morning, I saw a mother asked her son what he wanted for christmas. I was wondering.. then.. wait, I really couldn't come up anything that I really wanted. This is the first time in my whole existence that I didn't want anything.

I dont know what's wrong with me, Well I think it's because I really don't feel all too Christmas-y. I mean, there are moments during the day that have me in the Christmas mood, but it never really lingers like it used to. When I was nine or ten, I used to feel the Christmas spirit for almost the whole month of December;  I'm barely feeling it now.

Yes, I cant always get what I want, but I know God gives me what I need- even It sucks to know we cant get what we really want. Its like I'm tired of asking and wanting. so I tried to not ask for anything; in this case I just.. be thankful for what I have got, wich more than enough. 

I miss that wonderful, magical, heady Christmas-y feeling though without material-things.
So I try to make my wishlist way more simple, Here it is :

1. Health, happiness, success and love for my family & friends
2. Live, Laugh, Love & praising the God more often
3. A family vacation where all my family meet and gather
4. A good year to come - filled with new opportunities & many experiences!

5. Peace on earth
6. A puppy this is an excuse :p
7. Get followed by David Archuleta, James PhilipThe YounghusbandS, Matthew Morrison, Nicky Byrne, Ronan Keating, and Nick Jonas on Twitter and this is obviously joking.

Ok, that's a lot to ask for, I know. But He can do anything, right? :)

"So many reasons to be thankful
So many blessings that I can't repay

You keep givin' me joy
You keep givin' me happiness
You keep givin' me hope
You keep givin' me everything I wish
You keep givin' holding me
When I'm about to fall
And if even all of that was not enough
You keep givin' me love"

You Keep Givin Me - Brian Littrell