Hi hi everyone! Have a great week huh?
Hmm, yesterday absurd conversation with rainy, keely & aga ; about hachie/hatchi/hatjie/hathcji/ the never-ending-story-of-lonely honeybee. hahaha, doubtless, we agree that was the worst movie ever. With 'woa' translated opening song and graphic effect. Well, practically, actually, exactlly, I was addicted by that movie. Maybe when I was about 7 :\ okay, forget about hatchie.
Yes, I used to watch TV every lunch time after school.. and, besides hatchie, I loved teletubbies too :p
The big purple-green-yellow-red things that live in a magical world where they have everything they need. They love each other very much and love to share Big Hugs.

When I browse the internet about telletubies I just knew that tubbie house is called  tubbytronic superdome (Well, Teletubbies can't say that). The Teletubbies' house is full of tubbytronic technology making all kinds of funny technological noises. 

Nostalgic right? haha. Want to play teletubbies games? click HERE 
Oh, and my favourite character in teletubbies is.... *drumroll please


lol, joking :p