Nothing but my own mistakes

Have you ever been in this situation ; when you are having regrets for what you should of have done and you didn't... So many wrong doings and so much regrets, you wonder if you will ever over come. Worse yet, you are now wondering that even wondering is not worth the wonder ?
Yes, I have. Well, maybe it must be :Yes. now. I'm now right straight in that situation. As nothing in my life seems to be going right lately. A friend of mine said "be thankful of what you have." And I am. I am thankful for the people in my life that allow me to make mistakes with out pouncing on me. And I do learn from my mistakes.
I am thankful that God sees my weaknesses, chooses to love me anyway, and to challenges me to move forward step-by-step, day by day.

"Cause the sun always sets
The moon always falls
It feels like the end
Just pay no mind at all
Life must go on"