Heyya bloggers guess what? I just got my report card for pre-exam and that's not too bad to hear, quite good though..and yes, I'm thankful.
What? the header? oh..yes I made a new header. but.... that's not my best. I had may ideas but no time. So, sorry for the inconvenience, I'll made the better one later.
About the title, independency: from whom? No I'm not saying names or whatever that could make any misunderstandings. This is just, we are social beings. We live together. We need each other, and sometimes environment constrains us to work in a group, wether in neighborhood, school, or work. Sometimes we just have to follow the existing rules, in this case we can't always choose what group we want belong to.. Some will get what they want, some will not. It is good to have a group we want, but if we dont, dont let them be obstacle for you to do your best. Theoretically, what you can do in 'bad' group is support the team. It will force them to change, most of them having been so selfish out of insecurity that they will have to adjust to someone helping and boosting them, for a change. It sounds goofy, or paradoxical, but believe it will work. Personally I dont choose that way( I've been with a bunch of annoying screw ups), I'd better do whatever I need to do to get through it, be independent. Dependency and murmurs wont help you get what you want. Do not be a parasite or its host. As dad said; working in groups is good training because you have to work with all types of people when you get a job. So, think positively
Sorry if I offened anyone, I wont curse,yell, or scold you, really. Just.. Thanks for the lesson I learned.