Things to be thankful for

♥ I have my God
♥ eyes to see, a mouth to speak, ears to hear, arms to hug, legs to walk, hands to feel, and a mind to think.
♥ Family
♥ Friends
♥ Blogger account so I can share this
♥ Westlife's cds
♥ Converse sneakers
♥ No puppy . So there will be no more homeless and displaced dogs
♥ My brother is not at home.
♥ I ltr of cappucino ice cream in front of me
♥ Twitter page to reduce my boredom
♥ Mba yah who makes my room as neat as this
♥ Someone to care about me. even just "What are you doin?" "Did you eat yet?" or "What are you watchin?"
♥ Google translator and deviantart :p