I'm mad to dream what I dream, people say your dreams should be feasible… a microbe can’t dream to be as huge as a dino, a thorny desert plant can’t look beautiful, a poison can’t dream to save lives, a hay can't dream to be a lily, ant the dust cant be as glare as the stars.

I'm mad to think all this, when almost everyone wants their self development… when to this almost everyone agrees or ignores, when everyone just too fear to break the line, when grind and copying every words in the textbook -even the dot&coma- is the only way to get an +A?  How can I dare to not to take part in this rat race, when innocence has been graved by formalities, and showiness, and desires to get more? How can I dream a smiling lovely world, when in fact the world is studded with sadness, revenge, lack of knowledge, poverty, and violence?

Well, there were just some things that I kinda needed to sort out for myself before writing them here.

I can dream my dream world.
no matter even if there’s heaven and hell’s difference between the real and ideal.
I can breathe for my dream world
no matter how far I will be able to take them to reality.