The choice is yours.

Choice. Everyone has to choose. Choose everything. You choose what clothes you wear, what diet you do, with whom you befriend. You do choose. your career, school, your future.
However, 'have to choose' is hell different with 'have no choice'. Have to choose, even how hard the choice will be is better than you dont have a choice at all. 
And every action and choice has its consequences, for good or ill.  There is no action that does not have some sort of consequence and no action is neutral.
About taking a wrong choice, thats just not your luck. Bad luck is a part of life. People all over the world have bad luck, the choice is either to roll over and take it or fight back and make better choices.
life is a jorney and everyone has to choose his own road don t let sombody else to choose for you
Okay, I'm not a good writer or story teller. But I try to write my thoughts in a simple way.
I just hope that you make the right choices every day. Life is a precious, fragile, unpredictable miracle that can be taken away at any moment…unless you get a second chance. I’ve been given a second chance at life, a second chance to do the right thing.
But unfortunately, you don’t always get second chances.