no, i didnt mean hello readers or something. Thats really hell. " in some religions, the place believed to be the home of devils and where bad people go after death " in oxford online dictionary. And, what is the 'hell'? Everything. Well, I have been in a extreamly rotten mood this week. And i think school gives me the biggest contribution. (besides this fucking pmt) Ok, no need to worry. In this post I wont write any complains,murmurs,grumbles, or anything. I'd just like to make random post. about myself

I am a direct person. In general things. When I want something, I ask for it and get straight to the point. And I know the difference between direct and inappropriate.

I watch football. I love arsenal and muenchen. I love green day & michael buble. I play looklet. I do nail polish.

Im no good at saving money. I run out my weekly money in 2 days.

I can wake up early without any alarms

I dont eat breakfast and dinner. But I snacking a lot!!

Sometimes I really want to have anorexia or bullimia

I think PMS is a valid excuse

I prefer telenovela than korean drama

I laugh a lot

I hate my childhood

The babies hate me. I dont know, they cry seeing my face

I dont believe in ghost. But Im afraid and dont want to see them

After school I have lunch and take my nap in car. It saves time!

Im lost of words

I feel better already. Thank you :)