how beautiful ma " لغة "-result

Geezz new week.. the same stressed =,=
well, thats not a good opening!
lets start new:
Hey hey.. how r u?
great right? so do I..
it was so amazing gracefully week.. of course without my-32-score in MANDARIN
yes. Im fuck with that. what can i do? I've done my best, but theres the result
ok. forget about mandarin.

hm.. have you know about sniffy?
YES, my new puppy! he's damn cuteeeee and adorable ^^
even I must wake up at 2A.M to take him outside -.-, pee(or poop? i dont know; I SWEAR SNIFFY! I DIDNT LOOK!)
thats not a big deal.., bcs i love you.. xixi
but i think im gonna change his name soon, bcs i want lil bit indonesian name..
hmm.. temon? or budi?
ough.. thats bad..

well, i dont really know what in my mind know.. am i jealous?
NO. i'm not his business nah! HEs not MY business
hha stop that diva, thats stupid-ridiculous

*even though she knows how much its gonna hurt

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