Youth Pledge's Role in advancing education in Indonesia

The Youth Pledge was a declaration made on 28 October 1928 by young Indonesian nationalists at a conference in the then-Dutch East Indies. They proclaimed three ideals, one motherland, one nation and one language.

The first Indonesian youth congress was held in Batavia in 1926, but produced no formal decisions but did promote the idea of a united Indonesia.

The idea of organizing the Second Youth Congress came from the Association of Indonesian Students Student (PPPI), a youth organization that consisted of students from all over Indonesia. They initiative, that the Congress held in three different buildings and divided in three meetings. Resulting in Youth Pledge.

We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia.
We the sons and daughters of Indonesia, respect the language of unity, Indonesian.

There is no single perception or assumption that can assess the education in Indonesia in general.

Why? Because the data show that educational activities in Indonesia experienced a variety of striking growth between rural and urban areas. The difference is the speed of education grew strongly influenced by the level of population growth and economic growth rates in each region. Areas that are now grown into urban areas has increased the quality of education better and advanced than area that until now is still a rural area.

certainly a lot of efforts already made by the government in promoting education in Indonesia, one of the government's efforts to raise the passing grade to improve the quality of education and eliminate school fees ranging from elementary to junior high.

So ,education in Indonesia has many improvements and underdevelopment. for excellence we should be thankful, and we must think together as people of Indonesia.

Now we show the struggle of youth who can promote Indonesia In the spirit of youth pledge, let us try to do well in education, sports, or something else. We already have our youth who have shown achievement for Indonesia in the international: Maria Kristin, Suryo Agung Wibowo are our fighters that have scent Indonesia’s name in sports. therefore, let us show that we can scent the name of this nation and let us say no to DRUGS, free SEX , we show that we are a moral nation, cultured, knowledgeable, independent, and can scent the name of Indonesia.

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