my beloved room x)

Here I'd like to tell you the description of my beloved old room that I lived there for ten years, before I moved here.

The room is big and square with cream-colored walls and pink carpet in the middle. There was small old bed with squarish wooden frame. Its sheets and blankets were ruffled. There were two windows next to each other.( I used to stand there and lean on the windowsill and stare out and think about things ). There was a dresser beside the windows, The dresser is tall and quite old with its metal handles. Stood across the bed, there was a low dark-stained wooden bookshelves, The bookshelves filled with books. On top, and on top of the dresser too, there were special things I'd collected … puppy doll-with brown cheked ribbon, yellow clocks -a gift I received last Christmas from a close friend, some colorful papers, etc . In my room there was no stereo, no radio, just 14” color television on my little desk, besides the broken old lamp –but perfect for decoration. The house painting was hanging on the wall, above the television desk. Its quite old-fashioned, but nice. Beside the television desk, there was study table. But I didn’t use to study there, just for put my school books and the computer, it was messy. That wasn’t a luxury princess’s room like in fairy tale, but I always felt relaxed and comfort when I was there.

 Of course no description can make you understand my room the way I do, but hopefully it gives you some idea what it was like. ;)

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