everything happen w/ reason

flash back~

mid July

yeah The most horrible thing was really happening in my life..
oh God! why You did this..
my parents told me that we must moved out to other town
leaved this full memorized town
should I leave my friends? my bestfriend? my first love? my life? my school?
i couldn't sleep for my last day there
i used to think about that 'horrible' thing.. about my life after here
uuh think back about that make me sick (lol)
but i knew that I must face that, i must walk on


almost 2 months here
I was able to adapt with new condition, new school, new friends, and my new life
This isn't as bad as I thought before..
It even seems fun and interesting (believe it or not)
I'm enjoying my times here
ofc without forget my old friends, i still love them :3
I still remember them as people that takes a SUPERimportant part of my life
stiil contact them by calling, texting, facebook-ing (ada gitu :?)

yeah, now i know : there's always a reason for everything that happened
i knew how to make new friend, know other's personality etc etc
I didnt know if you know, so i take this chance to say thank you for all my friend, for helped me through my difficult time, for supported me, for taught me, for everything!!
(even you didnt do that at all - peace ^^v-

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